Jan 21, 2010

Here's another cute guy. Gahd.

If you see him in person, you'll fall right away. I promise:D

Nov 18, 2009

Benefits: A heterosexual relationship does have its perks.

The benefits of a heterosexual relationship is a one-way street. It is very unilateral. It goes from the guy giving to the girl, or simply put, the girl benefitting from the guy. 

However way we put it, the girl in the end gains in this type of relationship.

I'm currently in some coffee shop here down south. Trying to get some reading done. Apparently, couples abound this coffee shop to get some "us" time and be all public about their relationship. Anyway, it's just funny to me, how the girl just chooses what she wants from the menu and makes the guy pay for whatever that is.

There was this one incident when a girl storms this same exact coffee shop. Orders. Points to the guy to pay for what she ordered. Amazing. To think that the guy was really cute.

It's just plain unfair, or at least just damn, "girl-centered". This kind of role assignment is not that apparent in homosexual relationships. It shifts from time to time. In one occasion, it could be person A paying, then on the next, it's person B. Nothing is set in stone, unlike in heterosexual relationship wherein the "who pays role" is set and going against it would result in unwarranted consequences like:

a.) The girl thinking the guy doesn't value her that much.
b.) There is no future to this at all.
c.) This guy is just in it for the "other benefits". (i.e. sex, glory of having a pretty girl in arm, etc.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really against the idea. If I were playing the "girl" role, I'd be pretty much game about it. Then again, i would feel too guilty about the situation that I would think that I'm taking advantage of the other person, so I would rather not.

To cap things, I'd prefer going dutch about everything just like how quasi-contracts are.

"A quasi-contract is that juridical relation resulting from certain lawful, voluntary and unilateral acts by virtue of which the parties become bound to each other to the end that no one will be unjustly enriched or benefited at the expense of another." (Art. 2142, Civil Code)

Nov 2, 2009

To post or not to post?

I've been out of the loop for awhile now, but I guess it's just as timely that I post something so my blog doesn't look so stale, forgotten and abandoned.

So what has happened to me in the past few months...

Hmm... life has been hell busy. I had to stick to a routine aka schedule. That if I take a break for just one minute, everything crumbles. Not that I'm complaining, but hey. It's people like me who get shoutouts like "Get a life!", "All work and no play means NO FUN," and all the other kinds.

It's a new concept to me to not be able to take an entire day off in a week. I mean people need rest too you know? But that's not possible nowadays, good thing A1H1 and Ondoy happened. Not that I'm happy about what happened to the other people, but I'm just looking at the other flip of the coin. I mean, if it weren't for Ondoy
or A1H1 I would not have been able to cope up with everything I need during the past months. I always look at the glass half full rather than half empty.:)

That sums up my "life". 

But hey, more updates.

Umm... I have this crush that I've seen a couple of times. I actually took a stolen shot of him when we w
ere in a symposium somewhere. He almost caught but good thing for my "acting skills". He had the notion that I was just playing with my phone.

So here he is. Check him out.:)

Jan 29, 2009

Jan 25, 2009

Just a dull Sunday.

I was thinking about this guy who has so much potential to be someone who could be the one. Although, I do have qualms about the idea, since...

1. He's like 4 freaking years younger than me.
2. He's still very new to the whole scene. (This could be a good thing actually)
3. He's still studying.

Anyway, those are just thoughts. Hopefully, everything turns out OK.
It's his birthday this coming week. I'm actually planning to give a gift. Kinda hefty for a gift to a supposed just friend, but what the heck. Hopefully he'd like it.:)

So what else comes to mind now...

I saw my forever crush for 2 years. He is all I've been thinking he'd be. Finally saw him. Another happy thought right here.

I need to be more firm with my workout habits now. Things are looking good now. *crossing fingers* Hopefully, I see more improvements though.:D

Anyway, just tidbits of how I am now and the promising stuff that lies ahead.

I'm reading more now. A friend recommended "Blink". Try reading it. It's worth it they say...

All my randomness in one go.:D

Oct 29, 2008

A bit of updates.

Just recently came out to my close friends in college. They were not alarmed or thrown off by my confession, since I've been somewhat hinting on it for a long time now.

The first one I came out to was a friend whose brother I went out with. It was hilarious talking about those days when her brother was all sweet and loving towards me. Now that's history. Even her brother's sweetness and love is in the past as well, as he turned out to be something completely opposite.

When I've already told most of them, they mentioned that they've already been passing along that "news" within our small group and the funny thing is that they were all expecting me to come out to each one of them. They really are friends of mine.

Anyway, I did come out to almost all of them, except to one. I was hesitant about telling her since I feel she's my younger sister and that I don't want her to think any less of me as her "kuya". Anyway, friends told me that she feels left out with me not telling her about my "little secret".

Hopefully, I can tell her. Soon.

Another twist on my life is that I've been going out with numerous guys lately. They've range in age, looks and physique. However, I've just been so attached to one in particular that the others that I've gone out with after him didn't have that certain feel that I was looking for; hence, no relationship material. The sad part about the story is, the guy who I'm hoping to be the one is currently trying to move on from his painful past relationship which I remind him of, since I was a somewhat part of the whole break up shebang. As of now, there's no sign of us being together. 

Now, I need to move on. Detach from the feeling of wanting him to be mine.

There are others to entertain. Let's just wait and see.:)